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13 Cover Letter Dos and Donts

13 Cover Letter Dos and Donts13 Cover Letter Dos and Donts13 Cover Letter Dos and DontsCover letters can be the deciding factor between getting called for an interview or being passed up for another candidate who submitted something better. To make sure your cover letter helps you land the interview, keep these dos and donts in mind when youre writingDo create a personalized cover letter for every company and position.Do take the time to find out the hiring managers name, and open the letter with a proper greeting.Do identify the position youre applying for, including the job code or reference number (if there is one).Do maintain a confident, enthusiastic tone.Do proofread repeatedly (typos and grammatical mistakes are a huge turn-off)Do ask someone you trust to critique and proofread your cover letter.Do end with a statement of intent (e.g., I will be in touch on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of an interview).Dont go beyond one page. In most cases, three or four paragraphs are enough to tell your story.Dont try to be cute. Humor is subjective it can make you seem unprofessional rather than personable.Dont resort to cliches, exaggerations, or false flattery.Dont assume spell-check will catch all errorsDont simply repeat claims you made in your resume. Instead, highlight the most impressive accomplishments from your resume and describe the story behind them.Dont forget to change the recipients name and company name for each cover letter you write

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Eleven incredible companies that are supporting Pride

Eleven incredible companies that are untersttzungsangeboting PrideEleven incredible companies that are supporting PrideThough we all love Amazon - and its two-day shipping - sometimes your spending habits could be used for the greater good. Or at least, for one month, you could try and support the LGBTQ rights by giving your hard-earned money to these companies that have partnered with incredible charities to celebrate pride. From headphones and cupcakes to clothes and booze - heres how to strategize your to-do list to benefit this welcoming, inclusive community.Tivoli AudioNeed a new speaker? Now is the time to upgrade your old standby to support the LGBTQ community. Tivoli Audio created 100 limited edition rainbow Andiamo Speakers in honor of Pride. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this special product will be donated directly to BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Transgender Youth.ExpressWhether you need a new tank top, a swimsuit or a pair of shorts, there is something for every wardrobe in Expresss Pride Collection. This year, theyre donating 25% of the net income from each item purchased by July 15. Theyre pledging a minimum of $100K and hope this money will support the goals of GLAAD, the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.HarrysThis household grooming name has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years - and now theyre taking their trendy factor to help others. This year, they teamed up with illustrator Jos Roda to offer a limited edition Shave With Pride set. The artist created a colorful box and a one-of-a-kind Shave With Pridehandle, which is also available on Harrys site. Heres the impressive kicker 100% of the proceeds from this product will go directly to The Trevor Project.Rosetta StoneFor those who claim wanderlust as their middle name and mantra, consider this the kick you need to finally learn a new language. This month, Rosetta Stone is offering 25% off everything from Spanish to Italian, using the code LOVEISLOVE . Now, just to say that iconic statement in every country.INKED by DaniEvery Pride celebration calls for an array of colors, fun costumes and of course, temporary tattoos. Thats why were stoked about this partnership between iconic INKED by Dani and The Trevor Project. This month, they are donating 15% of the proceeds from the sales of their Psychedelic Glitter rainbow set to this important charity that benefits the LGBTQ community under the age of 25.UrbanStemsIf youre hosting a party for Pride, consider ordering centerpiece flowers from this forward-thinking company. This year, UrbanStems launched two bouquets - The Pride and The Festivals - and $5 from each sale will benefit The Trevor Project.SugarfinaIn honor of Pride month, this part-champagne, part-gummy bear company is raising funds for GLAAD. Sugarfina picked three types of their iconic candy - Rainbow Bears, Sour Rainbows, and Chocolate Confetti - and 100% of the net proceeds of online purchases will go directly to the charity. As if you needed another excuse to engage your sweet toothBombas Known for their uber-comfortable fit and fun styles, Bombas is going the extra mile to help others this June. They are giving up to one million pairs of socks to the homeless LGBTQIA community through the end of the month. This will account for 40% of all of their donations, and if you want to support their efforts, consider buying this limited-edition pair yourself.Baked By MelissaBite-sized cupcakes are never a bad idea - and this June, you have the perfect excuse to order a dozen or so. Baked by Melissa believes love should be celebrated throughout the year, but in honor of Pride, theyre hosting their fourth annual fundraiser, where they will donate 10% of the net proceeds from their Pride collection to the LGBT Community Center in NYC.Titos Handmade VodkaYour happy hour cocktail just got happier with Titos effort to help the LGBT community this June. They will donate $1 per cocktail - up to $15,000 - p urchased at various bars and restaurants across the state of New York. These proceeds will benefit the National Park Foundation which is raising funds to build the Stonewall National Monument.KIND Healthy SnacksKIND is making history this year by changing their iconic wrapper for the first time - ever. Theyre showcasing custom designs that will support the communities that havent always received kindness from others, like those part of LGBTQ world. As part of their partnership with the Ali Forney Center, they will also donate 100% of the proceeds from their limited-edition KIND Pride bar.

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Introducing the expanded motivating by appreciation inventory

Introducing the expanded motivating by appreciation inventoryIntroducing the expanded motivating by appreciation inventoryAlmost 200,000 individuals across the world have taken the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory. This inspired us to look for ways to improve the results the inventory provides. Over the past two years, we have deliberated, explored, and analyzed in order to create a new, expanded version which provides a fuller picture of how each person prefers to be shown appreciation and how they dont want others to express appreciation to them.The Expanded master of business administration Inventory builds off of the foundation laid by the Basic MBA Inventory report (which is totenstill available) by identifying each individuals Primary, Secondary and Least Valued Languages of Appreciation, along with the specific actions they value most within their Primary Language of Appreciation and from whom they desire those actions.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreA deeper analysis provides the Expanded MBAI with valuable addition information. First, the respondents results are compared with over 175,000 others who have taken the inventory. Each persons results are shown in comparison to how frequently their specific results are obtained by others in the general workplace. And to communicate these clearly, the results are not only reported in numerical form but also illustrated through pie charts.Secondly, to help colleagues and supervisors get to the heart of the matter quickly, we ask each employee to identify the one most important act of appreciation to them. So that, if someone only communicated appreciation to them in one way, they would be sure to hit the mark.A question we hear frequently is What about Physical Touch why isnt it included in the report? Although we address this issue inThe 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplaceand also in our Ap preciation at Work training, those who have not had access to those resources, are left wondering. So, in the Expanded version, we provide the context and reason for not assessing appropriate Physical Touch in the inventory.In our work with hundreds of thousands of employees, weve heard many people make informal comments about how they dont want to be shown appreciation. While the primary focus of the MBA Inventory is to identify the ways colleagues prefer to be shown appreciation, we felt identifying the actions to avoid would be valuable information to include so that well-meaning colleagues do not inadvertently make a mistake by using an undesired action and unintentionally create offense.We are excited about the new, Expanded version and have already received rave reviews about it from those who have taken it. The code for taking the Basic version of the MBAI that comes with a 5 Languages of Appreciation book, can be upgraded to take the Expanded version. Codes for the Expanded version can also be purchased separately for both individuals and groups.We strongly encourage you to take the new,Expanded MBA Inventoryand experience a broader perspective of appreciation for you and your teamThis article first appeared on Appreciation Blog.

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Cut These Words and Phrases from Your Resume

Cut These Words and Phrases from Your Resume Cut These Words and Phrases from Your Resume In his famous essay Politics and the English Language, 1984 author George Orwell lays out six rules for writing well in the modern age. No. 2on the list Never use a long word where a short one will do.Or, as Shakespeare put it, Brevity is the soul of wit.With that in mind, here are a fewwords and schlagworts to cut from your resumetoday.References available upon request is one of those stock phrases that weve read so often it almost becomes invisible. It may seem like a good idea to use the industry-standard phrase on your resume, but according to Heather Huhman, founder and president of the HR-marketing firm Come Recommended, Youre not doing yourself a favor by wasting precious space on your resume to include a phrase that is clearly understood by hiring managers and recruiters.Theres nothing wrong with being dynamic, energetic, motivated, or enthusiastic, but non-quantifiable descriptions li ke unterstellung dont add anything of value to your resume. As Amber Carucci writes for PR Daily, Sure, all of these are great words to describe your personality, but leave them off of your resume. Wait until you land the interview. Then let the company decide if you possess those traits.Buzzwords have a bad rep because theyre all sound and fury, signifying nothing. These empty words and phrases (team player, detail oriented, self starter, and proactive, to name just a few) are completely subjective, and like the descriptors above, theyre impossible to measure. Here are 50 more examples of filler phrases to cut from your resume, via US News.According to Forbes, one of the most overused yet unnecessary words is experienced. You can be experienced in something after youve done it once or every day for the past 10 years. So drop this nebulous term and be specific. Instead of writing Im an experienced editor, for example, a job seeker would be better off with Ive edited 50 novels, incl uding the bestseller Attack of the Hipsters.Wordy and redundant phrases, long the plague of English composition teachers everywhere, add nothing to your resume except meaningless clutter. Here are some common wordy phrases to cut, courtesy of Hamilton CollegeThe reason why is thatThis is a subject thatIn spite of the fact thatDue to the fact thatin the event thatbecause of the fact thatuntil such time asby means ofMany of these clunky phrases can be replaced by a single word for example, due to the fact that can be replaced by because.Unfortunately, it doesnt matter how many of these words and phrases you cut from your resumeif you skip the all-important step of proofreading. In 2013, Grammarly conducted a survey of resumes on LinkedIn, and we were shocked at the number of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors we found. Your resume is one of the most important documents youll ever create, so take the time to make sure that its perfect

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These are the most inappropriate things people say theyve seen or done at work

These are the most inappropriate things people say theyve seen or done at workThese are the most inappropriate things people say theyve seen or done at workWe may be in the throes of the post-Weinstein era, but while research has found that Americans have many different definitions of whats considered sexual harassment at work, even newer findings from a recent NPR/Ipsos poll reveals the inappropriate things that people say theyve witnessed or admitted to doing on the job.For example, while93% ofrespondents think deliberate touching, leaning or cornering is considered inappropriate behavior,35% say theyve witnessed deliberate touching, leaning or cornering, and 5% admitted to doing it themselves.Here are some of the findings that stood out.Bad behavior people have seen or taken part in at workIn the survey of 1,130 adults in the U.S.,39% said they have witnessed someone spreading rumors about coworkers sex life and 6% said they had done so themselves. But while 97% of people think it s inappropriate to do so, 3% surprisingly either think it depends on the situation or that its totally appropriate.A whopping 55% say theyve seen someone telling sexual stories or jokes, 15% say theyve done this themselves, and 91% of people think its inappropriate. A combined 9% of respondents have either said it depends or that its appropriate.While 48% of respondents say theyve witnessed a coworker standing close and brushing up against coworker and 11% admitted to doing it themselves, a shocking 21% deemed such behavior appropriate or OK depending on the situation.Over half of respondents (58%) have witnessed someone calling a female colleague a girl, babe, sweetie, etc., 12% have done so themselves and just 83% think its inappropriate.70% of millennial men Calling female coworkers girl, babe, sweetie, honey notinappropriateThe research foundthat just 30% of men ages 18-34 think that referring to an adult female coworker as girl, babe, sweetie, or honey is classified as always i nappropriate, compared to 51% of them ages 35-54 and 55% ages 55 and up.When it comes to how women feel about this behavior, 54% ages 18-34, 57% ages 35-54 and 69% ages 55 and up felt the same way.The findings also showed that just 51% of men ages 18-34 think its always inappropriate to have a conversation about someones sexual preferences or history at work, compared to 74% of men ages 35-54 and 77% ages 55 and up.Conversely, 72% of women 18-34 think its always inappropriate to do this, 83% of women ages 35-54 and 88+ of them ages 55 and up agree.

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The Unusual Details About Designer Resume That Most People Do Not Know About

The Unusual Details About Designer Resume That Most People Do Not Know About With the use of the Internet being rampant, a very good site entwurf is required by organizations to stand out. You will also have to illustrate your skills arent only confined to plan. The fantastic thing for graphic designers without an experience is, its simple to find some. An internet designer whos looking for employment in his field demands an exceptionally well designed resume. Be sure your UX designer resume emphasizes teamwork, interpersonal abilities, and very clear communication. Designers may work independently or they might also work under an organization. If they work as part of a design team, they need to be able to collaborate and get along with others. A user-experience (UX) designer has to have a clear comprehension of business objectives and user behavior, and be proficient in a broad selection of skills, which range from psychology to design and technology. At first, writing a resume summary statement appears easy. You ought to be independent, meet deadlines, and be an exemplary multi-tasker. Granted, to be able to include stats concerning the learning you create, you should make an attempt to capture them. A specialist summary for your resume ought to be detailed. The majority of the examples of resume you will discover on the internet are highly professional and will be able to help you build your resume in a limited time, in a skilled and appealing way. Since you may probably know, there are several stages of writing a resume and in order to acquire very good outcomes, you are going to have to stick to each one very carefully. Creativity in fashion is seen as proof of genius. Designers want to stay informed about trends but in plus-rechnen have to reveal their private style for their collections. Fashion designers are able to transpose their concepts onto paper. Crafting a strong fashion designer resume isnt only important, its fundamental I f youre a designer, an excellent design resume can help you get or advance on a career in design. Take a look at our floral designer resume templates to help you while you design your very own unique resume. In a couple of minutes youll have written the ideal web designer resume out there, so. Youre a fashion designer and, while using two or three colors to highlight the more important elements can seem to be a fantastic choice, make sure that you dont exaggerate Someone who addresses the interior part of houses, buildings, and establishments. A great deal of graphic designer job positions can be found in various industries and fields of expertise. You may still compose a terrific graphic design resume education section even in case you havent finished college yet. You are going to be landing that dream design job in no moment. Designer Resume - the Conspiracy If youre applying for a number of jobs, you should create numerous resumes, each targeting a particular role and th e sort of expertise and skills the prospective employers want to get. The hiring procedure can vary from one or two weeks, and thus do not fret whether the employer has not called you after a couple of days. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. Allow the employer know you have one and a few of the things they can count on from your portfolio should you get invited to interview to present it. Since a resume summary statement is read by means of a recruiter, it ought to be written for their advantage. Youre a skilled and you want the recruiter to comprehend that. The majority of the moment, when you apply to get a job, your resume will want to be accompanied by a covering letter. Its possible to find only outlines of resumes or already made resumes which may serve you as a model, no matter the kind of job that you need and the field in which youre specialized. Life, Death and Designer Resume Your upcoming employer can t hink that its somewhat childish to have a whole rainbow of color on your resume. The most appealing quality of his resume is his usage of color. Your resume needs to stick out from the tiled background. If youre seeking to customize professional, pre-formatted resumes, have a look at our totally free downloadable templates.

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The Best System You Need to Be Using for Writing Center Notre Dame Resume Grad Uncovered

The Best System You Need to Be Using for Writing Center Notre Dame Resume Grad Uncovered Definitions of Writing Center Notre Dame Resume Grad For instance, if the listing states the provider is seeking a candidate whos tech-savvy, you might have a section called Technological Skills. Writing consultants are content to assist with grammatical problems, but they arent proofreaders or editors. Education is among a couple essential sections employers search for on resumes. Resumes ought to be brieftypically a couple of pages. You have to create a resume that reaskoranverss the reader youre a professional, dependable person along with all the skills essential to find the business done. The more youre able to create interest all around your work experience, the better. Detecting a job is elend simple, which explains why our Student Job Search can assist you in finding work outside your house country. The absolute most important consideration to keep in mind while you document you r education is honesty. Unfortunately, grad school admissions statistics have a tendency to be harder to find than undergrad acceptance prices. Grad Life supplies a wealth of resources for active graduate students to get the most out of their time in graduate school. If admitted to Notre Dame, youd be advised to finish the essential courses at a nearby college during the spring and summer. Unlike undergrad prices, however, grad school acceptance prices are usually calculated for certain programs or departments andnot for entire universities. If you know a possible employer will want to realize that you have the proper credentials before considering your other experience, place your education on top of the webpage just below your contact info and skilled summary. The writing consultant might not be in a fleck to read your whole draft, so please indicate which sections to concentrate on during your appointment. Write each section and return and see how much you are able to c ut or shorten it. It is possible to also place either the work title or the company name in the very first line based on whether you wish to emphasize the position or the business. Choosing Good Writing Center Notre Dame Resume Grad In that case, then Restrictive Early Action is most likely the proper route for you. Its possible to take action to raise the section with certifications or other expert development achievements. The next thing to do is to seek out a program. Include an Education section to the peak of your resume. Then, its your obligation to promptly send the essential documentation. In the event the web isnt providing you the help you require, call or email your schools. Therefore you wish to be sure youre sending a professional, responsible message. Unlike undergrad acceptance prices, grad school acceptance prices are somewhat hard to find online. Many schools utilize different GPA scales and computation procedures, therefore its tough to offer standardi zed information regarding Grade Point Averages. For placement on your resume, think of where youre in your career and that which you wish to emphasize. In addition, M.F.A. programs are especially cutthroat. There are a few professions like finance or healthcare where specific certifications or degrees are important to getting the job. Therefore, if you think you have the skills to have a position, you will want to convince the employer, even in the event that you havent held a position identical to the one advertised. Take time to investigate the school or company that youre applying to. The hiring company wont only need to know that youre a skilled candidate, but you will excel in the role and be a superior fit for the position.